A stroll in Beirut

Last December, I went back to Beirut for the holiday season and had the chance to walk around the streets of the capital with the talented architect and product designer Miziana Boustany. Upon my request, she took me on an alternative tour of the well-known neighbourhoods of Gemazye and Mar Mikhael, pointing out the hidden... Continue Reading →

City escape – Budapest

This november, Leo and I booked an impromptu weekend to Budapest, a city we both wanted to visit. It was our first city break together - yes, I know, but what can I say, we usually tend to head to the beach or the mountains - but we definitely made the most of it. We... Continue Reading →

A Greek Retreat

Last Tuesday, I packed my bags one last time to go hunt a bit of summer sun in Greece. One of my closest friends, the amazing Angeliki Vourdaki, had just moved back to her home country a month ago, and she was more than keen to go explore the Cyclades.  Having landed early morning on... Continue Reading →

A Tourist’s Delight

During our visit to Lebanon this May, Leo was keen to go visit Baalbek, home to impressive ruins dating back to Phoenician times. Although this is a must on any tourist’s to-do list, Baalbek, located in the Bekaa Valley, is considered a Hezbollah stronghold and is not too far from Ersal, where the Lebanese army... Continue Reading →

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