Windsor Cycling Loop

This Sunday, Leo and I decided to brave the cold and go explore a new part of West London he wasn’t familiar with. We followed a cycling route uploaded on the OS Maps app that took us from Windsor all the way to Ascot following cycle paths in Great Windsor Park. After that, we headed... Continue Reading →

Prosecco at the Top

Early this December, a friend was visiting from the US, and we decided to all rent a cottage in southern Snowdonia for the weekend. We wanted to show him the best of british life: cozy cottages, quaint villages, and constant rain. The cottage we found on was incredibly cute. It was totally isolated, and... Continue Reading →

The Wandle Trail

One Sunday in November, Leo and I decided to go for a short cycle to make the most of a sunny day. We set off from ours and followed the river on the north bank all the way to Wandsworth Bridge. From there, we found the River Wandle, and followed the Wandle Trail along the... Continue Reading →

Cornwall Bump

This year's summer was too packed with adventures (and falls!) to be able to fit in a weekend in Cornwall. Still, I had heard so much about it that we decided to go for a quick weekend getaway there at the start of November. We slept in Bristol on Friday night, and woke up early... Continue Reading →

Cycling through the Royal Parks

Living in Chiswick has its inconveniences: it takes over 45 minutes to get to work in the morning and whenever someone mentions a night out in Shoreditch, I immediately start thinking of excuses to can it. However, on weekends, it’s a great base to go on daylong micro adventures. One of my favourites days out... Continue Reading →

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