A stroll in Beirut

Last December, I went back to Beirut for the holiday season and had the chance to walk around the streets of the capital with the talented architect and product designer Miziana Boustany. Upon my request, she took me on an alternative tour of the well-known neighbourhoods of Gemazye and Mar Mikhael, pointing out the hidden... Continue Reading →

Baatara gorge sinkhole

A tucked-away gem in the northern mountains of Lebanon Hidden in between Laqlouq and Tannourine, the Baatara gorge sinkhole has gained in popularity and is now on the to-do list of most tourists visiting Lebanon. In the winter and spring time, a water cascade falls in this 255-meters deep sinkhole. Climbers know of Baatara gorge... Continue Reading →

Climbing in Lebanon – Laqlouq and Tannourine

In November last year, Lebanon’s sport enthusiasts put their country on the radar of the international climbing community by going up the Beirut ‘CIVIL WALL’, a bullet-ridden, 35 meter high, derelict building and one of the many vestiges of the 15-year long civil war that practically destroyed Beirut, Lebanon’s capital. The CIVIL WALL event, organised by Redbull... Continue Reading →

A Tourist’s Delight

During our visit to Lebanon this May, Leo was keen to go visit Baalbek, home to impressive ruins dating back to Phoenician times. Although this is a must on any tourist’s to-do list, Baalbek, located in the Bekaa Valley, is considered a Hezbollah stronghold and is not too far from Ersal, where the Lebanese army... Continue Reading →

A day by the sea in Lebanon

Every year, I make the most out of the August bank holiday to head back home and unwind for a week. I am a always happy to join the hoards of expats coming back to Lebanon and put up with insane traffic, 30+ weather and heightened 'tourista risks' for a dose of ripe figs, mountain tomatoes, and... Continue Reading →

#Hiking Qornit El Sawda

Qornit El Sawda is the highest summit in #Lebanon, standing at 3,088m above sea level. It's name comes from the blackish color it appears to have during snow storms, according to local villagers. Qornit El Sawda is easily accessible in the summer months, when most of the snow has melted, on quad bikes or even... Continue Reading →

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