The Last Run before America

Back in April, Leo and I headed to Portugal for 36 hours in the Algarve. We arrived Friday night in Lisbon, and drove for four hours to a little fishing and surfing town called Sagres, where we rented an AirBnB for the weekend. 

After a short night, we headed to Aljezur in the north of the Algarve to meet Nelson, our paddle board guide for the day. Nelson has been running CoastLinealgarve for over 10 years now, showing tourists another side of the Algarve.


His expeditions suit all tastes and abilities – and he is happy to tailor days out to your needs. In addition to being a great guide, he is a very interesting person to talk to and get to know the local area.


We spent the first half of the day paddle boarding inland on the Aljezur river, after catching a glimpse of the west coast of Portugal.

The pace was gentle and quite relaxing, and gave ample opportunities to observe the fish around the river.


Some even jumped overboard, almost throwing us off balance. Two hours later, we pulled onto the shore, and headed back to Nelson’s van to put the paddles and go for lunch.


In the afternoon, we joined another couple of German tourists, and headed to Praia Ingrina for another round of paddle board, this time along the coast and into impressive caves and rock formations.



We ended the day with a well deserved sundowner by the beach. The next day, we decided to jog from Sagres to Cabo de San Vincente, the most southwesterly extremity of Europe.


We first stopped at a small local cafe in Sagres for breakfast (think fishermen having beers at 9am type of place), and headed to the castle of Sagres for a quick visit.


The run along the coast was very pretty – but we did not expect to find bits of it closed off for pedestrians.


Halfway through, we went through Praia do Beliche, and decided to stop there – the hot white sand and clear blue sea were too tempting to resist.


Instead, Leo tried surfing for a while whilst I went swimming.



We ran back to Sagres, had a quick seafood lunch before heading back to Lisbon in the afternoon for our evening flight back to wintery London.


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