Windsor Cycling Loop

This Sunday, Leo and I decided to brave the cold and go explore a new part of West London he wasn’t familiar with.

Screenshot_20180204-210834 (1).pngWe followed a cycling route uploaded on the OS Maps app that took us from Windsor all the way to Ascot following cycle paths in Great Windsor Park.


After that, we headed east for a bit before making our way to Virginia Waters, once the UK’s largest lake. Although it doesn’t compare to the lakes up north, it still makes for a pleasant day out close to London. The area around the lake is very popular with families and dog walkers, so cyclists need a bit of patience going through the crowds.

20180204_143712 (1).jpgWe passed a few roman ruins, and sat on the lake’s shore for a bit to soak up the sun, before heading out to see the cascade.

20180204_144522 (1).jpg


Overall, it is a good winter sunday cycle ride before cozying up at home with a good glass of wine and a yummy bolognese dish !

20180204_143343 (1).jpg

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