Cornwall Bump

This year’s summer was too packed with adventures (and falls!) to be able to fit in a weekend in Cornwall. Still, I had heard so much about it that we decided to go for a quick weekend getaway there at the start of November. We slept in Bristol on Friday night, and woke up early on Saturday for the 4h drive to Penzace, where we had booked a cute wooden hut on Airbnb. 

We arrived there at around one, and decided against the 22km trail run from Penwith to St Ives. I was with two boys, needless to say – the trail run was their idea. Nevertheless, I managed to convince them to turn that into a 12k walk 🙂 We parked the car in Treen and set off on the – very muddy and slippery – coastal path.


The scenery was impressive – wild and ragged. We walked past pristine beaches, imposing boulders, and steep cliffs.


We were too busy enjoying the views that we realised we wouldn’t have time to get to St Ives walking. We started running on the path for a while, which unfortunately did not work well with me – yes, I showed up with a black on Tuesday at work ! After a while, we parted ways –  I carried on to St Ives and the boys ran back to fetch the car.


I had a bit of time to kill waiting for them and walked around St Ives, which I highly recommend. It has the feel of a Mediterranean coastal town, with a lot of little touristy shops, a pier, a beach promenade, and lots of homey pubs 🙂 We went to the Sloop In   for a (sort-of) well deserved pub dinner, before heading back to our little hut.


The  next day, the two boys went diving in Kennack , which they definitely recommend. For experienced divers, the centres offers 45 minutes of diving in a blue sea amongst fish and shipwreck for 34 pounds. Unfortunately, I was not able to go with them. Instead, I went trail running – this time, no slippery stones! – from Kennack to Lizzard.


Although we were in November, the sun was shining, and I quickly forgot i was in the UK. I definitely recommend this part of the coastal path, the scenery was every even more impressive than towards Land’s end and Treen.


As the boys were delayed, I finished my run by Kynance Cove, a surfer’s paradise. Once we met again, we were all three pretty tired, and ready to chill in the sun and watch the surfers take on the waves.



We walked along the area, and went back to Lizzard, where we finally had cream tea – one of my favorite meals in the UK ! and saw a seal 😀


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