A day in Hopeland

After our little retreat on a Greek Island, Angie and I made our way to her mother’s Eco-Village, Elpidohori, or Hopeland.

Hopeland is located in the Peloponnese and is easily accessible from Athens by bus or by car. It was founded by my friend’s mum a few years back to promote sustainability in one of Greece’s most arid regions and can host over 40 guests overnight in several houses built by volunteers. Visitors include families, individual tourists or organised groups looking for a retreat in a peaceful environment tucked in between hills, and surrounded by forests.



We arrived late in the evening there, having taken the ferry that day from Serifos, and then the bus to Nafplio from Athens’s main station in Eleonas. After having dinner with Hopeland’s visitors, a group of American home-schooled children, we went to sleep at my friend’s parents summer house.


The next day, after having breakfast at Hopeland, we set out to do a short hike organised by Grecopath to Mycenae, once one of the major centres of Greek civilisation and home to Agamemnon’s tomb. The trail took us up on the hills, and then down in the valley through plantations of olive and orange trees, as well as vineyards. After a quick peak at Mycenae’s museum, and its most impressive tomb, I headed back to Athens to catch my flight that evening !




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