Cycling through the Royal Parks

Living in Chiswick has its inconveniences: it takes over 45 minutes to get to work in the morning and whenever someone mentions a night out in Shoreditch, I immediately start thinking of excuses to can it. However, on weekends, it’s a great base to go on daylong micro adventures.

One of my favourites days out in London is the cycle ride from mine to Bushy Park along the river. My usual route goes through Chiswick Mall and Dukes Meadows, across Barnes Bridge, and then all the way to Kingston on the southern bank. The route, which goes through Kew gardens and Richmond Pier, is a mix of well-defined roads and muddy paths – especially in winter.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 16.07.25.png
Strava route
The view from Barnes Bridge early morning

The scenery is diverse and surreal, considering you are still in London (ish). You will cycle through dense vegetation, busy locks and peaceful parks.





Once in Kingston, it is advisable to take the bridge go back to the Northern bank and cycle all the way to Hampton court palace, passing by posh houses and fancy riverboats. After that, Bushy Park in only five minutes away, and you might be welcomed at the entrance with an imposing deer, that doesn’t shy away from humans (or bikes!).



The ride back is always a little painful, especially if you’ve had a nap after your picnic. But the drinking awaiting you at Hammersmith bridge for sunset, is usually enough to keep you going for the remaining 24 kilometres !


Hammersmith Bridge at sunset

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