Baatara gorge sinkhole

A tucked-away gem in the northern mountains of Lebanon


Hidden in between Laqlouq and Tannourine, the Baatara gorge sinkhole has gained in popularity and is now on the to-do list of most tourists visiting Lebanon. In the winter and spring time, a water cascade falls in this 255-meters deep sinkhole.


Climbers know of Baatara gorge after David Lama,  a famous Australian climber, set the country’s first 9a route within the sinkhole, which he described as “avatar-like”, in 2016. For less ambitious climbers, a rappel down – or a walk alongside the gorge’s middle natural bridges – is enough to take in the magic of the place. The outer bridge is accessible to everyone, while the more intrepid can venture behind the waterfall and into a small cave.


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