A Busy Saturday Morning

Saturday morning, 7am. It’s hard to wake-up. We had just come back from Lebanon on Monday night and there we were, back on the road again. A quick flight to France on Friday night, an early morning rise on Saturday. Thankfully, fresh bread and appetising croissants were waiting for us in the sun.


This morning’s plan: paragliding! Although I wasn’t supposed to jump, the amazing Gaby from Air Alpin  found a instructor willing to take me on and so we drove to Saint Hilaire du Touvet – close to Saint Pancras and below the imposing Dents de Crolles.  The flight lasts for 20 minutes and is slightly bumpy due to the strong wind that morning. The experience is magical nonetheless: we glide along steep cliffs, spot a few mountain goats, and catch a glimpse of the Mont Blanc in the distance, while admiring the Belledonne chain of mountains.



We then drive to Annecy, where we rent a Pedalo boat on the lake and go exploring before grabbing lunch along the canal int the old town. A good start to an already packed family weekend !



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